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Augmented city

Discover cities in a brand new way and access hidden treasures.

Augmented City is a new type of mixed reality guide, accessible to everyone and requiring no special equipment except a smartphone and the mobile application.

iPhone6 – EN - 3_edited.jpg

With Augmented City, Orange allows you to learn about cities in an innovative and entertaining way with your smartphone.

Choose your route and follow the visit points. 360° panoramas, videos and 360° videos, animations and illustrations, quizzes and audios, photos and images trigger, enrich and increase your experience.
You can also discover cities from your sofa, like a virtual tour.

The application has been developed for optimal use in 5G but is also accessible to users equipped with a 4G smartphone.
Today discover Antwerp in Belgium, with your new friend, Jan the pirate.


Processing of your personal data on Augmented City

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